My eight rules to effectively work in a global team

I still remember when I joined technology team and how much excited I was to start such a new challenge. Since the very early days I realised that working in a global company is quite different from working in the same building. That is obvious, I know, but it wasn’t easy to get used to the new way of working.

I missed getting in touch with new teammates, and sometimes felt isolated from others and had the feeling of being a remote worker. Actually working in a global team has a lot in common with the remote work, and in this article I will list all of the good practices that allowed me to collaborate effectively with colleagues scattered across the world.

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The Birth of Computer Science

La nascita dell’informatica.
Il primo kernel Linux è stato pubblicato nel 1991, l’annuncio del primo sistema operativo della famiglia Windows risale al 1983, la nascita dell’informatica come disciplina scientifica risale al 1953, il primo calcolatore programmabile digitale al 1941 (Z3 di Zuse); in realtà tutto scaturisce da una storia molto più lunga che parte dagli studi di Leibniz quando non esistevano i calcolatori digitali, e coinvolge grandi studiosi come Frege, Gödel, e Turing.

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Hello everyone!

I’m a software engineer and a passionate software developer living in Rome. Addicted to the Linux operating system, I love working with all the open source technologies.

In my spare time, I like do mountain biking and some jogging.